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Mew + Wild Nothing concert

22 Nov

The guys from Mew signing stuff after the show (although the lead singer Jonas was still in another room relaxing after the show at the time. Still got him to sign my poster, though!)

There are definitely perks to living in one of the biggest cities in the world.  Trying new food, meeting new people, going cool places. The list goes on, but what I’d like to highlight is the opportunity to go to so many concerts in one place. A few weeks ago Bieber was (sadly) in the area, The Killers and Matchbox Twenty were here a few months ago, Best Coast was here a week ago, and there will be a huge music festival where Franz Ferdinand and Metric will be performing. I got the opportunity to see the Danish band Mew (who I’ve really liked for the past 3 or 4 years) and the up-and-coming American band Wild Nothing.  I honestly had never thought I’d get to see Mew in concert and I’d actually found out only a day before that it was even happening (thank God for the City U of HK International/Exchange student Facebook group!)  The concert was great, with the opening band Wild Nothing doing pretty well, reminding me a bit of both The Killers and The Smiths. When Mew came on, though, it got awesome. They’re a normally chill-sounding band when you listen to their studio albums, but they were something else live. They played some of my favorite songs, people were singing along, and surprisingly there were quite a few big Mew fans in Hong Kong, with many locals bringing their CDs to be signed, as well as the free posters many got. I must say, it was an awesome experience and I’m pumped to see Franz Ferdinand at the end of the month as well.

Just a cool free poster from the gig. Signed too