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Macau Excursion

2 Dec

Like the last post, this post is gonna be a little more in the vein of entertainment. Just recently, I went to Macau for a day trip. It’s about an hour ferry ride away from Hong Kong and in many ways is quite similar. Like Hong Kong, it had been a colony of a European state (Portugal) and had been returned to China in 1999 (2 years after Hong Kong was returned) . Macau is now known for casinos. Big ones. Quite a bit of Macanese land is covered in casino property and is the main draw for tourists.

At a shopping area inside The Venetian. Yes, there were gondola rides

The cars lined up at the end of the exhibition

Upon arrival, I noticed that many of the signs had Portuguese on them, an outward sign of being a former colony. Riding a bus into the city I noticed it was very clean and everything was glitzy and elegant. Most of the cars were luxury cars and many people were dressed well. Seeing these initial images really shows why so many people come here.  Well that and because it’s the “Las Vegas of the East” (despite actually being bigger) and having a lot of hype can boost the people coming. Other than casinos, there really isn’t much to do other than shop, eat, and see its old colonial period architecture ( which isn’t too much due to Macau being so small). Macau is also know for hosting automotive events and concerts and I was here for the former. I’d come to see the first exhibition of Japanese D1 drifting and I wasn’t let down. Seeing tuned Japanese cars going sideways at high speeds and I even caught a shirt on of the drivers threw into the audience. All in all I had a good time, although I did not gamble due to being underage (and not really wanting to) despite being able to walk into and through casinos (like The Venetian)  without being carded simply because I “looked” 21 or older. Anyway, it was an interesting place, but if you don’t gamble or party, you’ll only need a couple of days to see the whole place.