Haze, Rain, and School Days

18 Sep


At the current time, I’ve been in Hong Kong a little more than three weeks and the weather has improved a lot more than I expected. There are a lot more cloudy and windy days than I’d expected. I also had the opportunity to experience rain here. When going to class, it’s recommended that you always carry an umbrella, because, as I’ve learned, it can rain almost anytime (and very hard) and stop minutes later. Then you have to remember the humidity that comes with the rain and makes things pretty near unbearable.

And then there’s the smog. Pollution here is quite a bit worse than back home in Indiana. I first took note of this when my skin became ichy during my first rain here. And the time after that. And the next time.  And not only can you see the humidity in the air here, but you can often see the smog over the skyline mixing with the clouds. New York is probably just as bad, but it’s something I’ve never really experienced in the US.

I have four classes here. Two of them are in Asian/Chinese culture, one is a 400 level Asian politics course, and the last class being intro-level Japanese and I can say for a fact that I stand out quite a bit. It’s a bit odd being the minority again but with the majority being a race that I’m used to seeing as a minority. It’s eye-opening to see how the mentality of a group doesn’t really change much across racial lines when you look at groups and is pretty interesting.

As a final note, the Mid-Autumn Festival is tomorrow and I’ll be writing about that in my next post, so stay tuned!


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