Going to Scotland

26 Aug


Hello to all the readers of Purdue Students Abroad! My name is Emily and I’ll be a blogger here starting now! Normally you can find me over on my own personal blog http://mlymllr.wordpress.com/ but I couldn’t turn down the offer to blog here too!

Now for a bit about me. I am entering my senior year at Purdue and I’ve elected to spend the fall of it as an exchange student in Scotland at the University of St Andrews. I’m an English major and no, not the education type. I’m the plain boring likes to read tons of books and argue about them type. I’ve been active in many student orgs in the past three years at Purdue such as PSUB and RHA and I’m going to miss them while I’m away, but I plan on having lots of great experiences at St Andrews to make up for it! This will be my first time out of the States because I’m not counting a three day trip I took to Canada because I was too sick to do much of anything.

This summer has been in full prep mode for my four months abroad. I’ve been scribbling and highlighting in my travel guides, watching Scottish history videos on youtube, looking for cheap deals on travel gear, and most importantly talking to other students who attend St Andrews. Thanks to tumblr and Facebook, I’ve been able to reach out to others and ask them about life at St Andrews.  From a few people on tumblr I learned that e-books are normally an acceptable form of textbooks at the university (I’ve had a bad experience before at Purdue trying to use one in class). Now I plan to take my e-reader with me!  Once I joined the St Andrew’s network on Facebook, I had access to thousands of St Andrew’s students; but most importantly I joined my res hall’s Facebook group.  Already I’m getting to meet people who I’m going to share an apartment with, learn about what goes on during Fresher’s Week, and evening learning that one of the big home-wares stores that students use is going out of business just after the start of term!

Social media has really helped calm my nerves about leaving the familiarity of West Lafayette. I’ve got two weeks until I get on that plane and travel 3,500+miles to Scotland and I start learning what it’s like to be a student at St Andrews for myself.

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