Where can you find the freshest, cleanest air?

8 Jul

ImageFinland. It’s no surprise that a country with so much space and so little population has the purest air. With only a few big cities in the whole country, it’s easy to have clear skies free of pollution. Even in Helsinki, the biggest city, located at the very southern tip of the country, with cruise ships, etc. docking/passing through everyday, still has clear skies, every day. The sky is a bright blue with puffy, cartoon-looking clouds. It seemed like a fake world. I’m sure the amount of trees filling this beautiful country doesn’t hurt. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by big pines or birches. Even flying into the airport, there was just trees outside the window, I was so worried when we were descending and all I saw were trees! Then, we finally landed and there was just a random runway in the middle of a forest that seemed to span the whole country. Now granted, I flew into a small dinky airport in the middle of the country, but still. I flew along the whole western coast as I approached the airport and all I saw were trees and small islands off the shore, also filled with trees.

ImageFinland is truly beautiful. But the most amazing thing I got to experience while I was there was the midnight sun. I was lucky enough to be there for the Midsummer Fest, when everyone goes to their summer cottages (which apparently almost everyone has one) to celebrate the longest day of the year. All summer long, in the north of the country, the sun never sets. Ever. This was the strangest, probably most annoying thing to ever experience. It was so hard to sleep! But it was still very cool. Unfortunately, this means that there is only about an hour of sunlight during the winter, though.



Another great thing about visiting such an exotic country (meaning most people don’t visit it) is being able to see animals I never would’ve otherwise. I ran into some reindeer on the road while my friends and I were on a road trip around the country. I even got to eat reindeer. I also got to see a wolverine! ….well I saw it in a zoo, so it was very tame and even pretty adorable. But still cool.

Most people don’t think about places like Finland, but it’s really beautiful and while the Finnish are very prideful of their country, they are still welcoming to visitors and tourists, and again for my sake, all speak great English.

Until next time, Moi Moi! (Bye Bye in Finnish)


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