10 Must-Do’s of Sydney

19 Jun

Before I left the US of A to come to Australia, I did plenty of research on things to do once I got here. Now that I’m here, I’ve found that some of those many travel guides and pamphlets have turned out to be more helpful than others. I’m here to tell you which things you must do if you come to Sydney, and which ones you can maybe pass on. I like to think of it as my Australian bucket list.Luna Park

1. The Blue Mountains – These are actually a very popular place to visit, but I feel as though the guide books can’t do justice to how beautiful the mountains and the surrounding towns really are. The history behind the mountains is really interesting. Plus, the hike is great exercise! http://www.bluemts.com.au/

2. North Sydney / Luna Park – Take a train across the bridge to North Sydney, and spend an afternoon walking around. The city features some nice parks and coffee shops, and once you walk down toward the harbor, there are some unbeatable views of the harbor/Sydney Bridge/the Opera House. If you go at a quiet time of day, you can hear the boat bells ringing, the crickets chirping, and the water as it laps against the docks. It’s really a nice spot. Then there’s Luna Park, which is fun for the big feris wheel, but you should avoid it if you have any fear of clowns. http://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/Home

3. The Sydney Opera House – You can’t come to Sydney without visiting the Opera House. At the very least you have to go and take a picture of it. The number of pictures I’ve accumulated so far is bordering on excessive. If you have the time/money to do more than just snap a picture, I definitely recommend it. The Opera House offers tours everyday and various kinds of shows. I had the opportunity to see a production of Henry IV, and it was such a great experience. http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/homepage.aspx

4. Manly – For my internship, I get to work in Manly, and I find something new and awesome every time I go. The beach is beautiful, and surf lessons are available at decent prices. The shopping and food is great, and every month there is an arts and crafts festival. Manly is also home to the university where parts of The Great Gatsby was filmed. Manly is a great way to get away from the city for a day and just enjoy the beach. http://www.manlyaustralia.com.au/

5. Paddy’s Market – The best place to find souvenirs for your family back home, and also one of the best places to get fresh produce, Patty’s market is filled to the brim with stuff  for pretty good prices. No matter how many times you go back, you will always find something new. http://www.paddysmarkets.com.au/locations.html

6. Bondi to Coogee beach walk – Bondi beach is beautiful, and you should definitely spend some time there if you have the chance, but it can get crowded. The best way to see all the beaches along that part of the coast is to take the scenic 2-hour walk along the coastline. It actually took my group and extra half an hour to do the walk because of all the times we stopped for pictures, and they were some of the best ocean views in the the whole city. You can walk right to the edge of the cliffs and watch the ocean crashing on the rocks below. Once you finally get to Coogee beach, the swimming is pretty good, and if you don’t like swimming in the ocean current, there are natural saltwater pools on the side to hang out in. http://bonditocoogeewalk.com.au/

7. The Sydney Tower – There are a couple of different things to do in the sydney tower. There are a bunch of different food and shopping options, and there is a 360 degree view of the city. There’s also an option of the sky deck, but it’s about $2o extra to stand out in the cold and get almost the same view as those who paid less and stayed inside. http://www.sydneytowereye.com.au/

8. Darling Harbour – Darling harbour is a great place to wander around on a day off, with plenty of great restaurants and views.http://www.darlingharbour.com/

Blue Mountains Coogee Beach Opera House

9. Meat pies – Yes, I know that this isn’t a specific place like the rest of the list, but if you come to Australia, you absolutely must (unless you’re a vegetarian) try a meat pie. There are a bunch of different types, and they’re all delicious, and they’re cheaper than a lot of the other food options here. My favorite so far is the steak and potato pie. http://www.harryscafedewheels.com.au/

10. The Australia Museum – Full of interesting Australian animals, Aboriginal art, minerals (which translates as really sparkly rocks), and more, the Australian Museum is a great way to learn more about your host country. http://australianmuseum.net.au/

I hope you found these helpful. Feel free to add your suggestions for things to do in Sydney in the comments below!


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