Czech it out

5 Mar

Have you ever seen the movie “Eurotrip”? High school grads traveled all around Europe together, and got into trouble…basic movie plot. Well, during my free city tour of Prague, I felt like I was in that movie. I was traveling Europe, sure, but I actually felt like I was in the movie. All these sites I was seeing were definitely in that movie. Aha! Then the tour guide (from Utah..) said the whole movie was filmed right there in Prague. I wasn’t crazy. But, why Prague? Such an exotic place in Europe. Most of us don’t even think about it when we think of Europe. And yet, we do subconsciously. At least, I do. Prague was the picturesque European city. Unless you just think of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben when you think of Europe. Then you’d be out of luck in Prague. But I’m going to tell you why you should go to Prague instead of those over hyped destinations (I’m going to those over hyped places, but I still think Prague is a place everyone should go to!). So, here’s why Prague is a great destination for YOU!:


Where else can you eat your heart out in platefuls of pork and potatoes, everyday? Yes, every restaurant we went to had authentic Czech food, which means pork, goulash, dumplings, and potatoes, a lot of potatoes. Sometimes all of these things on the same plate. Not only the delicious, very healthy, may I add, food, but the Czech Republic is the beer capital of the world! I’m not a beer drinker, but when in Prague, right? I indulged in the culture, assuming and expecting like usual. To my surprise, it was delicious. Beer. Delicious.

TImagehose words aren’t in my vocabulary together, ever. Until now. There was even a beer museum right near our hostel. There were flavored beers out the wazoo. Chocolate, cherry, raspberry, etc. And for you people that like to live on the wild side, there is real, legal absinthe.

Obviously there are other reasons than food and drink in this wonderful city. “Eurotrip” wasn’t filmed here because of the food. I couldn’t tell you the true reason they chose this location, but I’m thinking it’s the large variety of architecture within this one city. There is Gothic, Romanesque, classical, functionalism, and more. There are so many unique buildings because of the city’s history. From the beginning, it was never really finished. Cities are always being updated, but the main layout has been there for a long time. Prague is different. Prague Castle, the largest castle in the world now, was built originally in a Gothic style, but was added onto decades, even centuries later, in different styles of architecture. During WWII, Hitler planned to retire in Prague, but thought the city was too small for him, so he expanded. This expansion created two sections of the city, very original names too–Old City….and you guessed it, New City. Old City has that older, Gothic and Romanesque look and New City is modern and has shops everywhere. The history of architecture doesn’t end there, though. As most of us know, the Czech Republic fought communism for over 40 years, which brought even more architectural styles to Prague. These buildings were quite boring–grey and concrete, mostly. Not the best addition to the colorful, red-roofed city.

But, after you realize how beautiful Prague is from the famous Charles Bridge, you’ll never want to leave. And if I haven’t convinced you with the rich history and even richer food, wait until you hear how cheap it is. The exchange rate is 1 Czech krona to 0.05USD. Sad, but I felt so rich after feeling so poor with euros. I felt even richer when I went to the ATM and the first suggested amount to withdraw was 3000Krona. I was making it rain (for those of you reading who might not know this expression, it means I can throw money around with no care in the world, it didn’t actually rain there).

Prague’s slogan is “the heart of Europe”. The reason is because it is equidistant to the bodies of water surrounding Europe. But maybe there are two reasons. The makers of “Eurotrip” picked Prague because it is the picturesque European city–the heart of Europe.



5 Responses to “Czech it out”

  1. Aneeta March 5, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    I am student from Purdue, currently studying abroad in Germany. I wanted to go to Prague but all transportation to Prague is pretty expensive. Everything is in the range of 100 euros for a return journey. I don’t want to spend as much since I will be going there over a weekend, if I do.
    Just wanted to know how you got to Prague? What kind of transportation did you use and how much did it cost you?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Carly March 9, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    Hey! Yes it was very expensive. I flew from Amsterdam and then took a train to Berlin actually. The train to Berlin only one way was 60 euros. It was crazy. It is a really cool city but for a weekend it is quite expensive. The trains on the more western side of Europe seem to be a lot cheaper so maybe you can do a weekend trip in Brussels instead and save Prague for a time when you have a four day weekend in school. It definitely deserves 4 days!

    Good luck!


  3. TravelShep March 25, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    Yes, I am headed back to Prague for my fourth time. Each time a little longer, this time a full year. I can not get enough of this great place! I have lived and travelled abroad for many years so know that Prague can not be beat for beauty, interest and activity.

  4. jan June 5, 2013 at 12:31 pm #

    hey. Hitler didnt expand Prague. it was Charles IV. in 14th century 🙂

  5. Helen October 5, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    Just returned from Prague, and all of the above comments are true. My only complaint is the place was literally over run with TOURISTS and it was very difficult to move around or enjoy the setting with the herds of people. So let’s keep it a secret.

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