Second Time = Success

22 Jun

As I’m preparing to leave London for the second summer, I can’t help but appreciate every moment I’ve had in this wonderful city. I studied in London with the same program last summer, so I was a little hesitant to come back. However, my professor worked specifically with me to create a program that filled my requirements and goals as a student going into her senior year. Yes, I was “with” the same program as last summer, but I did something completely different.

I read some of the same texts as I did last year. You may think that this sounds like an easy task, but it was incredibly challenging. I had to look at things I previously read in a new light and focus on the writing to get a new experience from it. Reading things for a second time allowed me to grow deeper as an intellectual. I went to some of the same places that I did last summer, and I got a completely different experience because I was looking at things with a new perspective. In fact, many times I was able to step back a bit and tune into the culture of a place because I was visiting it for a second time.

Studying abroad is necessary for every student to do before they graduate. Not only do you learn about a different culture than yours, but you learn a lot about yourself; there is a lot of intellectual and personal growth in studying abroad. I highly encourage anybody who hasn’t studied abroad or hasn’t given it a thought to look deeper into it. I guarantee it will change your world and open you up for some experiences that you couldn’t get anywhere else.


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