Stars and Skyscrapers

21 Jun

I’ve posted a lot on my exploration of the city of London, however, I’ve failed to mention one of the best parts of living in London: my flat. I have been living at Nido Student Living in Spitalfields; if you know the city, it isn’t far from the Brick Lane Markets. Nido is the tallest student accommodation in the world with its 33 floors.  It’s practially brand new and stands out from most buildings in London. Every Sunday there was a street market right outside our building, incredible!

My room is on the 18th floor and it offers up the most incredible vantage point. There is a window ledge where I put my books and journal while I read, write, or just enjoy taking in the city. My bed faces the window, so when I go to sleep at night I can look out  and see the stars and skyscrapers. Being so high up in the city makes me feel like I’m on Aladdin’s carpet soaring over the city.

They say NYC is a city that doesn’t sleep. Since I’ve visited both cities, I can say with confidence that London is also a city that doesn’t sleep. Quite literally, actually; the sun rises at approximately 4:45 am. It took some getting used to during the first couple of weeks when I would wake up to the sun pouring in my room and thinking I overslept for class when in fact it was only 5 am. Part of the study abroad experience is making a new home. Not only do I feel at home with my fellow classmates, since we live and study together practically 24/7, but my room in London has become a new home to me. I will miss this view once I get back to The States!


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