“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

19 Jun

For our last week here in the United Kingdom, my class took an overnight excursion to the Lake District of England. Knowing very little about the Lake District, I packed very little, not expecting to be hiking up grandiose mountains and trekking through forests and rivers. But, here we were, we London city-slickers, heading down the homestretch of this amazing program, surrounded by natural beauty that I’d never seen before in the United States.

After arriving in the Lake District and getting settled into our youth hostel, the first place we visited was Dove Cottage: the home of William Wordsworth. Now, if you’ve read any of Wordsworth’s poetry, you’ll know that he’s constantly referring to, and talking about, nature. After visiting his cottage, I’d write about nature, too. He once said, “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” Now, I know what this means. The natural beauty that surrounds Wordsworth’s cottage is amazing; no picture could ever do it justice. The mountains, the greenery, the lakes, the wildlife, it’s all absolutely breathtaking. Wordsworth’s small cottage rests outside a small mountain village enveloped with large lakes, meres, streams, and estuaries. No wonder Wordsworth found nature to be one of the only things to write about.

The rest of the trip consisted of hiking up mountains, trekking along baths, and boating on Lake Windemere. It was such a change coming from all of the hubbub of the city to the serene beauty and peacefulness of the Lake District. This gave us a chance to see two different perspectives of England. Cultures, accents, and people are different within all areas of this great country, as well as in our own. It’s interesting, now, to be able to make comparisons between the environments, and realize that London is not the only thing in England. I’m very glad that we ended our trip this way. It’s always good to have another perspective.


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