The View from my Window

13 Jun

Everyone keeps asking what I’ll miss most about London. The answer is easy. It’s not the pubs, shops, or little bookstores (though I will miss those quite a bit). It’s the view outside my window. I currently live on the 22nd floor of a residence hall.  As you can imagine, the view from my window is amazing. I can see, without a problem, the entire East End of London.

The East End is home to many immigrants, making it a place full of culture, youth, and life. I can see people walking home, traveling to work, or heading to dinner. I can see people socializing at Christ Church in Whitechapel after a Sunday morning service. I can also see the Ten Bells pub, otherwise known as  the “Jack The Ripper” pub. Legend has it that Jack The Ripper’s victims used to drink there, making it quite the tourist attraction for this area.  I can hear the Bow Bells ringing on early Sunday mornings, and the people laughing on late weekend nights.

The view from my window is quite easily my favorite part of living in this great city. I feel like I’m taking in everything at once: the sights, smells, and sounds of London. I look forward to coming home to it every day after class, and falling asleep to the sirens and car horns every night. I’ll miss this view the most. A view like this comes only once in a lifetime.


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