A Bird’s-Eye View of London

13 Jun

To say that St. Paul’s Cathedral is a staple of London is an understatement. For example, during WWII Londoners looked to St. Paul’s for hope; they knew that if St. Paul’s could survive the Blitz then London could survive as well. St. Paul’s is a cathedral for the people. While there are some memorials for lords in the cathedral, there are many memorials for common men such as soldiers, it’s builders, and people who have worked in St. Paul’s. There is even a memorial area for American soldiers who helped England during the war; pretty cool for us American students to see!

Before my group visited, we read a piece by Virginia Woolf in which she contrasts Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s. Virginia Woolf states that, “No contrast could be greater than that between St. Paul’s and Westminster Abbey”. I’m not sure I would go so far as to say that there is no greater contrast, but I absolutely agree that St. Paul’s and Westminster Abbey offer up their own unique experiences. For me, St. Paul’s offered a more personable experience and Westminster Abbey offered a more inspiring one.

My group and I climbed to the top of St. Paul’s (up and down was a total of over 1,000 steps!). Our journey to the top was rewarding. The bird’s-eye view of London is something I will never forget. I was able to look at over the grand city and see the tiny people below me. The steeple at the top is something people have looked up to for courage and hope, and I saw it up close! Climbing to the top of St. Paul’s allowed me to grasp the significance that this cathedral has for its people and the city of London.

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