Preparing to Launch {Arabic Adventure}

12 Jun


I have the wonderful opportunity of preparing a blog for my upcoming excursion to Jordan and Morocco! My name is Will and I will be your guide for the next 6 months. Yes, 6 months. I will be studying the Arabic language at the University of Amman (in Amman, Jordan) beginning in June. Upon completion of the summer semester in Amman I will travel to Fez, Morocco for further study of the language and will return to the United States in December. While I have a number of personal goals for this trip and specific plans for fulfilling those goals, my basic objective is to gain a foundation in the Arabic language and understanding of the Middle Eastern culture for academic and future career purposes.

I am so fascinated by foreign languages and cultures!!!!! I just wanted to throw that in real quick. I am super excited for this excursion. I took two semester of Arabic language while at Purdue and grew to love it so much!  The cultural element of the language study during this past year really fueled my desire to pursue this travel opportunity. The fantastic “Blue Nile” Middle Eastern restaurant at Purdue has increased my appetite. To be honest, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I have traveled overseas in the past, and that weird feeling of being far away for me usually doesn’t occur until I arrive. I’m getting on the plane tomorrow evening and am now just completing smaller last-minute tasks like filling out an absentee ballot (this is the second election year that I will have been out of the country, I was in Thailand almost 4 years ago). I am feeling quite calm about this ordeal, hopefully tomorrow isn’t chaotic.


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