Canterbury Tales

11 Jun

On normal days, my class and I spend 2 hours inside an academic 4-walled classroom before venturing out into the city of London itself. But yesterday, we did something entirely different. We ditched the normal classroom environment, and took an hour train ride to Canterbury, located in the district of Kent in South East England.

Though different than the normal classroom environment, this trip to Canterbury held the same academic value, or perhaps an even greater academic value, than the standard classroom experience. Canterbury, a very old city dating back to prehistoric times, has an amazing amount of history; a history that any city in the U.S. could never compare to. First conquered by the Romans, then the Anglo-Saxons, Canterbury is full of rich stories and tales. Though Canterbury’s history is absolutely astounding, my class did not go there for that specifically; we went to tour the Canterbury Cathedral.

The Canterbury Cathedral, an Anglican Church, is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Cathedral is beautiful, with graves and memorials scattered about, as well as adornments of stunning stained-glass windows dating back to the 1200s. The grave and shrine of Thomas Beckett, a saint murdered at the Church in 1170 under rule of King Henry II, exists there, and a candle constantly burns in remembrance of him. Canterbury Cathedral is a significant landmark of England, and a sight worth seeing to anyone traveling abroad; especially study abroad students.

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