Student. n. [Latin] A Man Given to Books

31 May

Embrace your word-nerd side: today my group went to Dr. Samuel Johnson’s house (aka, the creator of the English dictionary). While this may not seem interesting to everyone, it was certainly incredible for a room full of college English students. Not only did we discuss how to teach language in our future classrooms this morning, but we travelled to the house where Dr. Johnson first standardized the English language with his dictionary! Going from classroom discussion to holding one of the first dictionaries is an experience I will never forget.

One of the words I looked up in Dr. Johnson’s dictionary was student. As my title says, student is a noun that refers to a man who is given to books. Well, I was given 4 novels, 1 play, and numerous articles, short stories, and poetry for my 1 month trip abroad. I would say that qualifies me as a student. Study. n. Application of mind to books and learning. Since my study abroad program has started, I have devoted infinite hours of immersing my brain in the readings and applying the knowledge I have gained to real life situations. It’s safe to say that, yes, I am studying in London.

If you think I sound like a nerd now, just wait until I tell you about Dr. Johnson’s dictionary library! Ok, I won’t bore you with details, but it was wonderful to see many editions of his dictionaries all placed in lovely bookcases. I am confident that I can at least bring a little life into language when I talk to my future students about my experience at Dr. Johnson’s house.


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