It’s A Wonderful Life

30 May

At this moment, my life feels like nothing but a dream. I have spent the last four days touring London and its surrounding areas. Words could not even begin to describe these places. I used to believe that these places were only imagined, or dreamed of, but now I know they exist somewhere in the world, and that place is England.

So for I have traveled on the River Thames, stood right next to Buckingham Palace, and walked the same paths as Charles Dickens; nd that’s only the beginning. I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to share these experiences with my classmates. We’ve gotten the chance to see where the Royals live and to see the guards that protect them. The guards that, as our Professor puts it, are like “Navy SEALS on speed.” We’ve experienced preparations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which we’ll be attending next weekend. We’ve also seen a few Olympic sites scattered across the city; I’ve never seen an Olympic stadium before!  We visited where Charles Dickens lived, walked through the same parks and squares that he once walked, and even met one of his descendants! We’ve eaten ice cream in the Royal Parks and frolicked through Trafalgar Square. We’ve even eaten a traditional British meal in a crypt! We have had some amazing opportunities thus far, and it’s only going to get better.

Tomorrow, most of us are touring the Tower of London. I, personally, absolutely can NOT wait to see where the Crown Jewels are kept!  It truly has been a wonderful life here in London, and we have three weeks yet to experience. I know time flies, but we’ll have these experiences for a lifetime.


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