Living and Studying: A Unique Combination

29 May

Studying abroad makes for an extremely unique classroom. In my case, I live with my classmates, I eat meals with them, and I travel with them. While my Professor does not live with us, we have class with her Monday-Friday and travel with her. This classroom setting is so unique because you form deep bonds with classmates and you get to know your Professor on a deeper level. There is something about being around the same group of people practically 24/7 that allows an experience you can’t get in a regular classroom setting.

This week our group is working closely with Dickens’ texts; half of the group is reading Oliver Twist and half of the group is reading The Old Curiosity Shop. Last Friday, our group went on a Dickens Walk where we literally walked the same streets that inspired Dickens’ writings. Our walking guide was a descendant of Dickens’; his great, great, great-granddaughter! She informed us of many interesting details of Dickens’ life while showing us the sites that were the inspirations of his writings. This walking tour allows the Dickens’ novels that we read to come to life in a way that cannot be achieved in a regular classroom setting. Now, all of us have a unique way to bring Dickens to life for our future students.

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