The Sun in London

24 May

“Thank you for bringing the sunshine” is a phrase that we have hearing from Londoners these past few days. We arrived Tuesday morning, and ever since then it has been in the 80s each day (quite hot for people who are used to 60 degrees and rain). Luckily, we’re from Indiana and know how to prepare for crazy weather!

Last summer, I complained about the very little Vitamin D I received while in London; however, my shoulders have already gotten a little color from the boat ride we took across the Thames yesterday. It’s been wonderful experiencing a sunny, hot London. I can tell there is a new vibrancy in the people as I walk through the streets. I’m sitting at my window of my 18th floor flat and can see people across my building on their rooftop enjoying the beautiful weather.

Today we walked around the Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace area. This was after we ate in the crypt of the royal church, St. Martins (yes, we ate on top of the deceased). Our group saw a whole new side of Buckingham Palace; the area surrounding it is under mass construction for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday, June 4th. In order to attend the concert, you had to apply way back in March to even be considered for tickets…oh yeah, and you must be a London citizen. However, the Royal park is open for people to sit in and listen, and our group plans on doing just that. Who wouldn’t want to be with thousands of people swooning over Paul McCartney and Elton John? Walking through the Royal park was delightful. The flowers were in full bloom, the swans and ducks were out, and the atmosphere was incredibly peaceful. Oh, the sun in London!

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