London Calling

21 May

It seems appropriate that “London Calling” be the title of my 1st post for a few reasons:

1. It’s a fantastic song

2. I’m returning to London after studying there last summer, because I feel London is my calling; and…

3. Taylor (one of my best friends) and I have hashtaggd London Calling for the past several months in preparation for our trip abroad.

Reading London is a group of 18 students who are mostly English Education or English majors, with Kylie and Brittany being the exceptions of Elementary Education. Last week was an intense week on campus for us. We read hundreds, literally hundreds, of pages of various academic articles, short stories, novels, etc. Even though we all love to read, it was still pretty draining. Now’s the fun part: our flight takes off from Chicago tonight. Most of us are on the same flight, so I’m optimistic that we won’t have any problem getting us all to England on time (last year half of the group had flight issues causing them to be stuck in the US for 12+ hours while the rest of us were in England walking around with a London fog in our jet-lagged heads). So, here’s to safe travels and next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be across the pond. Cheers!


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