Easter Break Adventures

30 Apr

So, being a terribly poor broke student and no where really to go this Easter weekend, my best friend Sam cordially invited me to spend the break over at her house in Helensvale. For those people who don’t where it is, it is located at the Gold Coast in Queensland. So naturally I freaked out, seeing as how the Gold Coast is a prime tourist spot for Australia. The best part is, I can either go to the beach (a 30min travel), three different theme parks (all are about 20min-30min away), or I can go the NRL stadium for $25. In fact, I just did the latter.

See NRL is the Australian football, but don’t worry it’s a whole simpler than the American version. Pretty much, you just pick up the ball and run towards the end zone for 4 points. If you get tackled to the ground just pick it back up and toss it to another player on your team, but be warned you only get 6 tries before the other team gets it. So on your last try it’s generally acceptable to kick it as far away from your opponents as possible. Also, when you get a ‘try”, when you scored, you get a chance to kick it into the field goal for another 2 points. This keeps going on for 40 minutes straight, with no pausing, for two halves.

Unfortunately the team I was supporting for lost by only 7 points technically, but you can only score with 2 or 4 respectively. Well, at least it was fun and exciting to see it in first person. Plus I got a picture with some random person, who liked my accent. I can’t wait for all the other things, plus when Sam was telling me the player positions she gave me a real good laugh about one position. The conversation went something like this: “See that person, Matt Sramam, he’s the hooker”. “Wait a minute, he’s a hooker?!” “No, but he goes to people’s behinds…””Sam, no offense, but I think all of them do that.” Any who, I can’t wait for snorkeling and the theme parks!!


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