Where in the World is Tyffanie Turner?

11 Apr

It has been awhile and for that I apologize!  But Semana Santa (Easter Break) has passed and boy was it amazing.  I got to boiler up with some fellow Boilermakers who are studying abroad in Spain. It was a wonderful journey. So buckle up and sit tight. No worries I’m giving you the condense version.

Day 1: Missed my flight due to passport issues. (Note to self: Get dual citizenship in European country, will make traveling through Europe easier and less stressful.)

Day 2: Thank you Purdue Spanish 1-3, managed to find my way to my hostel after being dropped off at the bus station. Lots of “aqui”, “donde esta”, and “gracias”. (Note to self: Warn future students to learn the travel section of Spanish 2)

Day 2.5: Meet Kelsey and Catlin! Fellow Boilermakers who are studying in Spain. Thank goodness their Spanish is beyond Spanish three, “aqui”, “donde esta”, and “gracias”, can only get you so far. (Note to self: Smiling and nodding makes locals believe you actually know what they said during that 2 min interval when they spoke so fast, you swear they were speaking pure Latin)(Double note to self: Beware of the locals who expect you to respond back.)

Day 3: TAPAS!!! Which is kind of the Spanish version of appetizers! I fell in love and swore to never leave the restuarante that sells croqueques (Spanish chicken and potato nuggets), patatas bravos (potatoes and salsa) and some crescent moon shape taco thing.) It was so delish!  (Note to self: They sell TAPAS at pretty much every restaurant in Spain. ^_^ )

Day 4: Bye Catlin! She’s off to Madrid and then Ireland, Hello Oporto, Portugal along with the wonderful Kelsey!  Thank Goodness, traveling was better. (Note to self: Ryan Air airplanes are like toys. The flight attendants wear colors that do not match (blue and yellow) and offer to sell you smokeless cigarettes with 6.4 percent nicotine in them in one flavor: American. But all this is okay because they are the European airline that as the highest percentage of flights on-time, with a rating of 90 percent. Even if conveniently the tickets don’t give you an arrival time. ^_^)

Day 5: Oporto is truly beautiful.  Kelsey and I spent hours wandering the streets, buying souvenirs from local venders, tasting their special Port wine, eating the tradition food, and sitting by the river talking about the wonderful things God was showing us this semester.  It was my favorite part of Spring Break and a part I wish had lasted longer. (Note to Self: Convince Purdue to make a study abroad program in Portugal. Purdue students everywhere need to see just how beautiful Portugal is.)

Day 6: Traveling. It seems I spent more time in airports then I spent sleeping. We are on our way to Madrid. YAY! Kelsey has been in Madrid for 3 months so I’m excited to see the city from the eyes of someone who lives in Madrid.   We managed to get on the plane without paying extra even though my book bag was very obviously over the limit. I was the only passenger to not get checked!  We (By we I mean I) stuffed ourselves full of homemade bread and TAPAS! Oh how I love Tapas! (Note to self: Find a  place in Chicago that has TAPAS!)

Day 7: More sightseeing. Kelsey and I wandered the street, I practiced my Spanish. I knew more than expected but I still have a long way to go.  Drank homemade chai tea lattes. Took a siesta, (What? When in Spain do as the Spaniards do ^_^), and saw street performers. The guy who does bubble art even let me perform. Kelsey guided me through the metro system (way better than Chicago’s!), took me to a sketchy Chinese restaurant underground, and then we ended the night by making panqueques (Pancakes).  I even found a skirt and a dress….which I managed to stuff in my book bag (No worries, I’m sure Ryan air won’t notice….)

Day 8: Bye Kelsey! Kelsey is off to a Christian retreat for the weekend and I am off to Alicante! Gasp! By myself. Thankful I know more Spanish than 7 days ago and Kelsey gave me a list of phases that I will more than likely need. (Most of which involve food and shopping) I am traveling by bus this time.  Once again God was amazing. My bus was driving away when another driver stopped it. My bus driver looked at me and said you must be Tyffanie and ushered me on board. ^_^ Geesh sorry.

Day 9: Alicante! It was sunny, breezy, and there was paella, which by the way is a Spanish seafood and rice dish. There were 4 possible times I could have tried Paella while in Alicante. I tried it three times! And still regret not trying it the 4th time.  I arrived, got a map, and found my hostel. All in Spanish! It was exhilarating. I felt free and I felt blessed. My hostel was creepy. No lie, it was more like a flat turned into a hostel advertised as a bed and breakfast.

Day 10: Beach! I wore one of my skirts, and literally walked along the beach, read, window shopped, ate paella, and wrote in my journal. It was a very low-key peaceful day.

Day 11: I am ready to come home. Thankfully my flight is tonight! Walked through the streets of Alicante, saw the Easter Parade. Ate more paella! Ate loads of Frozen yogurt (Yum!), bought a 2 euro beach bag (What? No worries I am an expert packer) and finally arrived at the airport where I bought another book and managed to get through the Ryan Air line without any trouble. (I am a wonderful packer) who happened to wear layers and carry her bible, her book, and everything that was in her purse in her pockets. ^_^.  I also receive such a wonderful compliment from the flight attendants who took one look at me, saw I had reserved a seat next to the emergency door and asked how old I was. (You have to be at least 18 to sit in those seats) I said 21, she looked unconvinced, and so I showed her my passport. Hey hopefully when I’m 30 I’ll look 26 or 27. (Note to Self: Always bring ID)

Day 12: EASTER! I arrived back at my dorm at 4:00am. It was wonderful! What a great trip but oh am I happy to be back.

Whew….and it’s over!

Ms. Irish is back in Ireland!


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