Life In Australia….so far.

23 Mar

So, I have been living in Australia for about five weeks now and am loving it. While I have been very busy studying my courses here at UQ, that is obviously not what I do all day. So, a big part of my day goes into being very social, because I personally feel that as an international student I have the duty and honor to meet all sorts of different people while I stay here. I would not be able to do that very efficiently without living in one of the residential halls here on campus, which I am so proud to say that Pitt has taken me in. Sure, Purdue does have residential halls, but there are a lot of differences.

Since there are only 400 people staying in the 4 separate halls, you tend to meet more people and form a tighter bonds. We have meetings every Monday at 8pm just like Purdue has for its residential clubs, but their’s are open to everybody. We also are very competitive in everything we do, because there is an award for your hall for everything! And I mean everything! This varies from sports to academics to just plain old silly awards.  It really just helps everyone to get to know everybody and sort of bond really. Plus, it helps rile you up when it comes to Halls competing. on every Wednesday night and relax with a barbie afterwards.

Purdue is awesome too, but awesome in a different way. At Purdue you have senators you elect, which helps muster people into leadership positions and there are big sponsored events every week or so.  Also, Purdue is a lot bigger, which means nicer dorm rooms and the opportunity to meet a new person every day. I feel really blessed to be here and be able to see these differences first hand. I hope with the knowledge I gain from witnessing these differences, that I can come back to the States with valuable insight on what we can do to help better my uni.


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