So much awesome!

29 Feb

London Super Comic Convention

To top off a fantastic week I got to go to London again on Sunday for the first ever London Super Comic Convention! I had been building up my excitement for this for awhile but when I first arrived, my bubble of childish glee simply deflated. However, it ended up being an incredible experience nonetheless.

It was happening at the same time as the Zumba Instructors Conference and to my dismay there were more people dressed up in ridiculous jazzercising outfits than people dressed up in ridiculous super-hero outfits. It was a huge blow to may faith in humanity to realize that there were more people here who were concerned about entertaining fitness routines than COMIC BOOKS! By the way, that was in fact sarcasm, however; I don’t want to trivialize comics with my sarcasm. After all, they do provide relevant critical commentary on society and are a renewable well of literary and artistic creativity. But anyways…

It was also surprisingly small and there were no official exhibits by Marvel, DC or even Dark Horse. This meant that the majority of booths consisted of individual sellers and a handful of independent publishers. Although it was great browsing the collections of classic comics and talking with the independent publishers I knew that I could never afford anything there and most of the independent publishers would probably fail in a few years.

BUT enough negativity, because the thing that made it incredible was the panel of writers and artists and due to how small it was, you could actually chat with each of them for a bit if you wanted to! Perhaps the most interesting person I talked to (for most of you) was David Lloyd. He was the artist that created V for Vendetta with Alan Moore and the man that designed the iconic Guy Fawkes mask. For those that don’t know, the Guy Fawkes mask is the mask that the character V wears that is currently being used as a sign of protest all over the world. It is the mask worn by Anonymous, many Occupy protesters and various other groups of revolutionaries. I asked him how he feels about the usage of the mask and he is actually quite approving of the way it is being used. Even though some people may be using it without fully understanding the character (in fact, I’d bet that most of the protestors wearing the mask have never read V for Vendetta), he knows that in any piece of art, it is up to the viewer to interpret their own meaning. He also sketched a picture of V for me!

Now verily as I veer from my verbose, vainglorious and vaunting verbiage I valiantly and votively implore each of you with the volition to vouchsafe my diligent request to once again view V for Vendetta to vivify your lives in very valuable recollection of the humble vaudevillian veteran, V.  I THINK that sentence is technically correct. Feel free to correct me.

Hands-Down Best Experience in England so far

Ok, although this entire experience in England has been incredible, I’ve definitely been getting anxious to be involved in some kind of ministry here for a long time now. Unfortunately, there are really not that many ministries to get involved in and even fewer that deal with the essential matter of evangelizing. However, this past Tuesday there was an event called Dial-A-Pancake hosted by the University of Sussex Christian Union which allowed students on campus to text a question about God along with a pancake topping to the Christian Union and they would send someone off with a pancake and the answer to meet them wherever they chose. I had been super excited about this event from the moment I heard about it, up until Tuesday evening when it was actually about time to go prepare for it. I had had a pretty long day and just wanted to go home and kill the evening playing Pokemon or something but I forced myself to go-and it was easily the best experience I’ve had in England so far!

I think that nearly every person I got to talk to; and in fact the vast majority of people that anyone talked to that evening, had some legitimate interest in the question they asked. I think that many people got misconceptions cleared up and questions answered that night and it was an incredible blessing to have been a part of it.

At one point I was with another girl and we were talking to a group of three students. At the very beginning, it seemed that only one of them really wanted to talk with us. The other two kept smirking at each other in the background; however the first boy kept asking fantastic questions. Over the course of a few hours we had covered all of the standard skeptic questions and misconceptions and managed to get into some very deep apologetics and theology. Near the end, the other two were enraptured in the conversation as well.

It was an incredibly renewing experience for me, and I know that God used many of the other members of the CU to share His word to the campus.

Bath and Stonehenge

This past Saturday was also awesome. I went to Bath and Stonehenge on the same day and loved it. Some people had warned me that I might be a bit under whelmed at Stonehenge; saying that you look at it once… and then you’re not quite sure what to do after that. However, I thought that it was actually quite incredible and would recommend that anyone traveling England should make a point to see it.

The infatuation with Stonehenge comes from the fact that due to the massive size of the stones and how long they have been there (since before the pyramids) no one is completely sure how they were arranged. When you visit, you are not allowed to go very close; however this really enhances the overwhelming sense of mystery and beautiful aura of solitude surrounding the stones.

After Stonehenge we went to the nearby city of Bath. The entire trip from Stonehenge to Bath was a continuous display of lovely scenery that built up excitement for Bath itself and the city did not disappoint.

Per usual, it’s difficult to adequately describe the beauty of the scene without making this a tedious read, but needless to say it was a wonder to behold. It is also always fascinating to ponder the great human achievements of other people. In this case not only did the architecture blow my mind, but also the Roman’s innovative engineering techniques. I was left with the inspirational reminder that no matter how much I know, or how good I am at something-there’s a billion people that know it and can do it better than me. The beauty in that is that I can be thankful that it wasn’t up to me to engineer a hot running water system during the Roman Empire.


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