Why Australia?

23 Feb

That’s a good question for anyone who might be asking, so I will return it with another question: Why not Australia? Australia for me was where the international beach party filled with crocodile hunters and other crazy sport enthusiasts go. I could just sit back and watch everyone horse around with a kangaroo or two. You do not need to worry about being cold, because it is always an sunny 70 degree weather  and I mean all the time,  with a bunch of beautiful gals running around everywhere. Also, the best part was I did not need to learn another language in order to go there and enjoy my time. Truly, this is paradise. Still not convinced? Why not snuggle up with a koala bear when you feel lonely and need some comfort.

I know not all those stereotypes are true, for instance I have heard koala bears are actually vicious, but for the most part this sold me on going. I have always wanted to study abroad. My mom and I always wanted me to go studying abroad somewhere since the summer right before my freshman year here at Purdue. My choices at the time were somewhere in Germany, Great Britain, or Australia? Well, I figured I had enough of German in my life to not go studying abroad there. I took four years of German in high school, lived in Berlin for four years due to my father being stationed over there while he was in the army, and some of my grandparents have lived there. So, I figured if I do have the amazing opportunity to study abroad it would not be there, because I am really not going to get the full effect of struggling to learn a new culture and learn more about myself.

Then it was just Great Britain or Australia? Now, I have always loved being outdoors and I was comparing several programs with the pictures they provided on the several sites just showed me how wonderful and beautiful Australia is. Plus my best friend, Laura Martin, actually went to Australia for a week and showed me all these cool trinkets and things that she got.  I loved the currency because of the texture and the unknown people on it. So, naturally I went with Australia. Now, when it came to programs my mom made decided to do exchange, if I did not choose that then I would not go. Also for my major, animal sciences, Australia has very hands on programs when it comes to the learning.

Whether it’s studying genetics at a horse track or going out into one of their luscious forests to study animal husbandry, Australia has the right program for you. But I actually chose the University of Queensland, because their site was the friendliest and the most straightforward of all the other Universities’ websites I looked at. The site helped me decide what classes I should take and what they could do to help accommodate me. It was a no brainer, so watch out for me Brisbane, because here I come sometime in early February!

The Beautiful Bondi Beach-which I will be visiting March 3!!!

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