The Entry that Mom Hates

24 Jan

I realize it’s been some time since my last post, but that’s because we were on Christmas break and not a whole lot happened. One thing of importance, however, occurred when I stopped home for a week over the break. I flew the 4,000 miles home two days after Christmas and spent the week with family and friends before returning to Germany. What I found strange about this, though, is that going back to Germany felt more like “going home” than actually going home did.

I must say, I’m not exactly sure why this is. Part of it might be that all of my things, such as clothes and books and the like, were in Germany the whole time and I only had a carry-on bag with me when I was home. It might also be that I had almost no responsibilities when I was home, such as grocery shopping or cooking, so it felt more like a one-week vacation than a homecoming.

Whatever the reasons, there is one very important piece of knowledge for me to take from this–I’ve hit that point where I’m finally totally comfortable here in Freiburg. It was strange that I didn’t hear a single word of German for a week. When I stopped by my old high school to talk to German classes there, they asked me what was different about Germany, and it was difficult for me to answer; when they asked what I didn’t like, it was even more so.

With the semester rapidly approaching its end, I have to say I definitely made the right choice to stay here for a full year; now I’ve got a whole new semester to practice my skills. I will be very busy until then, but I’ve got a few more journals ready so that I’ll be able to post interesting things over the next month.

Next week: My visit to the seat of the E.U. Parliament in Strasbourg and a chat with one of the V.P.’s.


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