Carry-on Bags. Check! Suitcases. Check! Pillow for flight. Check! My sanity……?

24 Jan

After running around buying a last-minute camera ( Her name is Angela.) spending money on 3 new books (They were on sale!) and on prying my mother’s arms from around me ( Gees mama, it’s just 3,357 miles away give or take 500 miles or so.  I have finally said my goodbyes, lugged both of my 20 pound carry-ons through the airport and grabbed a green apple (YUM!) Me and randy (My pillow) are quite content in my aisle seat of phase 1 of my journey to Ireland. That was until the flight attendant made me put randy in the overhead compartment ( Bye Randy L) but not even an over the top Flight attendant can ruin this trip. I am 12 hours away from being in IRELAND. The place I have wanted to go to since I was 8.

2 hours later…

So the flight lands and I lug those same 20 pound (a piece!) carry-ons through another airport (A bigger one!) along with Randy.  To reach the other end (Of course!) of the airport for my flight to Ireland. I trust that my baggage is making it to this new plane as well because I was told it would (FORESHADOW). I jump on the plane and try not to scream from excitement…in about  6 hours I will be in Ireland.

5 hours and 33 minutes  later…..

“We are starting our descend for Dublin, Ladies and Gentleman we should be landing in about 27 minutes……”

This is the point where the fear starts. You know the feeling. The one where your stomach starts to hurt and your heart feels heavy. You can’t place a feeling on it but you know that something is…different.

I am about to land in Ireland in Ireland. The place where I will spend the next 4.5 months. My heart begins to scream….What am I doing? I can’t stay here for 4.5 months, I don’t know a soul! But just like that My God reminds me that he’s here. That wherever he sends me, he is already there waiting on me.

27 minutes later…..

I lug those same 20 pound a piece carry-ons. (Hey I couldn’t decide which pair of jeans and how many books to leave at home. ) I smile during immigration (I don’t want to seem like a terrorist.) and practically scream with joy to Jesus ( I found a cart to put my carry-ons on. ) and now I wait….and wait….and wait….until everyone’s gone and the baggage claim motor has stopped.

Where’s my luggage? And the nagging thought that was bothering me the whole 6 hours from PHL or DUB consumes me. Was I supposed to personally bring my luggage to the new airplane?

The answer is no. But don’t sigh with relief just yet because the people who were supposed to forgot, lost it or stole it.

I am in my dream country….with no luggage other than the 40 pounds I have been lugging around for the last 12 hours (4 pairs of jeans, a pair of underwear, travel size toiletries, a pair of rain boots, 2 packs of loose leaf paper, a notebook, a pencil-case with pencils and pens, 9 books to read (Hey I like books), Angela (My camera), 1 journal, one prayer journal, a bible, and a laptop. Um…..I have three other brothers- I don’t cry. But there is something about being in a new country, with 90 percent of your entire wardrobe gone, and there is something about hearing the words- we don’t know where your luggage is, and there is something about not understanding the claim report you have to fill out but understanding enough to know that they aren’t really offering to replace anything that makes even the toughest girls’ eyes fill up a little bit.  And once again Jesus has to remind me that he is here.

Tyffanie, the girl with 9 books and no socks.


2 Responses to “Carry-on Bags. Check! Suitcases. Check! Pillow for flight. Check! My sanity……?”

  1. Jen the carry on luggage lady January 27, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Interesting read, I had a similar situation happen to me. I had my check in luggage left at the transfer airport, luckily I had my carry on luggage with me. Although “no socks”. Airlines have different policies about whether you have to claim and check in your luggage during the transfer flight or they automatically do it. Unfortunately the airline that left my luggage at the transfer airport had just changed their rules and none of the employees knew about this! Anyway now I try to just take my carry on luggage with. If I can stuff everything I need in there.
    Have a great time in Ireland!

    • down pillow inserts March 28, 2012 at 5:18 am #

      airlines are really horrible nowsadays. I always try to travel light and just bring carry on luggage. Save all the hassle. And did I mention almost every airline starts charging bag fees now?

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