Beginning in Brighton

5 Jan

Well, I arrived in London at about 6a.m. (England time) on January 4th which was crazy! I didn’t sleep at all on the plane because I was hoping to stay awake until that night and maybe avoid jet lag altogether; the only hitch was that the night before I only got about four hours of sleep. The arrival was obviously, pretty exciting and I think the excitement is the only thing that kept me going as long as I did. After going through international travel, customs and baggage claim, I needed to wait about three and a half hours before my coach left from London to Brighton so I tried to walk around the airport to keep me going…unfortunately my section of the airport was surprisingly droll. So eventually I sat to read. Then I woke up! I asked the nearest person what time it was because I have literally been without mobile communication, or a time telling device ever since I turned my phone off in Boston. She said it was 9:39, which I understood as 10:39, which was one minute before my coach left for Brighton. So immediately I crammed my cart somewhere, grabbed my stuff and hobbled off as quickly and awkwardly as possible to get to the bus station on time. I actually managed it, and even got onto the bus without realizing it was an hour earlier than I was meant to leave and they let me on without a word about that. Of course once on the bus, I ended up falling asleep again before we even managed to get past the airport, so I missed all of London at that time. However, I did wake up before we got to Brighton and I got to see it. It was AWESOME! It was like a cool American port town, like Fort Myers or Plymouth but way more of it! There is a palace there that was built for King George the IV which is awesome, and I know I’ll love exploring Brighton Pier!

Eventually, when I got dropped off, I asked someone for the time. When they told me it was about 11:30 I couldn’t believe how early I’d arrived, until my distinct recollection of the woman in London telling me the time was 9:39 began to make sense. I decided to wait another hour so as not to disrupt the time that I told my host family I would be there. I found out later, after meeting her that it would have been no trouble for me to just call her from a pay phone when I arrived.

Regardless, the waiting was still pretty exciting because I was near the Pier and I could see a lot of cool shops and stuff. Then I met my host family and learned, to my delight, that they are also really awesome! There is a mom, dad, two sons that are currently living there, and another exchange student who is a PhD student from India and has already been living with the Halvatzis family since the beginning of the school year. One of the sons will be leaving Monday, since he is headed to Uni in Nottingham. That’s how they say heading to school/college-heading to Uni-so that’s some cool new lingo I’ve learned already!

Today, Jeanie  the Indian PhD student took me to campus and helped me get some of my things taken care of before she had to leave, so that was really cool! The campus is really nice, but honestly I love Purdue too much for it to compare, but it is really small and I already think I can pretty much figure my way around.

So everything I’ve mentioned previously is mostly just circumstance and my daily activities as opposed to stories. Of course my first actual story of England has to do with the bathroom. While I was exploring on my own I stopped in a small bathroom in one of the buildings to relieve myself. After I’d done my duty (or should I say “doodie” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa…hahahahahahahahaha…Ok enough) I began searching for the handle or button to flush (buttons are common in England) I couldn’t find either, so my best guess was a red, handled string hanging down near the toilet. Upon pulling the handle, the bathroom filled with flashing lights and blaring horns…and immediately afterwords I saw a handle to flush the toilet… After doing that successfully, and washing my hands I found a “reset” button for the alarm and tried repeatedly to turn it off. Eventually I gave up and had to go find the nearest person I could to save me. It was a girl working in a cafe located in the building so I explained the situation, and she actually went to the bathroom, went in, pressed the EXACT SAME RESET BUTTON THAT I TRIED LIKE 10 TIMES, and bid me farewell. So that was awkward…

Regardless, though, I’d still say it’s been great so far, and with that I bid you all good day.


2 Responses to “Beginning in Brighton”

  1. Sarah Booker January 6, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    HI Carl

    Are you in Brighton for a while? I enjoyed your first blog about the city and wonder if you would like to write an American in Brighton blog for The Argus website. The Argus is Brighton’s daily newspaper.

    If you’re interested email me

  2. April Robillos January 6, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Hi Carl!

    Glad you’re off to a good start for the semester (save for the bathroom fiasco – ha-ha!). Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Make lots of friends and always keep your chin up.

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