Worth the Walk (Granada)

27 Oct

Roman ruins and mountainous views. Granada is famous for many things, from the food, the people, and the fresh air, but I will remember it fondly for how I felt when i was there. The famous Alhambra lit up for the night and the whole place buzzed with people and dancing. Unlike Seville, Granada stays up most of the night with free tapas and loud music to accommodate everyone.

Sometimes it’s hard to branch out from the group. Sometimes it can be challenging finding places to go to that you haven’t been to already. Other times you have to look around and set a goal for yourself, follow it, and you may be surprised at what you find. In my case, me and a couple of others decided, rather than shopping or eating during our free time, to pick the farthest looking tiny chapel that we could see and try to walk to it from where we were. Granada isn’t flat like some places in Spain, so spacially, it was easy to know where we were at any given moment.

Reluctance and regret washed over us as it seemed as if we were walking upwards for two hours. What we saw when we got there however, made thinking about walking even longer worth it.

As we looked at the sunset from what we thought had to have been the highest point in this town, all of us clicked in tune, mentally. This is Spain; these mountains, the sun, the wind, the chorus of voices, the lack of cars running, the brightly lit castles…

We got back to the hotel, image still fresh in our minds, and couldn’t imagine what would have happened if we didn’t set such a hard goal for ourselves. The outcome is that the harder you have to work at it the grater the benefit.  During the rest of my stay here, I won’t forget that.


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