25 Oct

Tarifa was a particularly exceptional experience. The town is at the southern-most section of Spain, a tiny area jutting out across from Africa separating the Atlantic from the Mediterranean with an invisible line straight through the middle. The town hosts a particular sort of people; a hippie-like surfer culture who surfs during the day and sells custom-made surfboards and tourist articles by night. The highlight though has to be the location; being able to experience two different bodies of water at one point was amazing. The wind there is colossal, spawning dozens of kite surfing schools and shops who provide more than rentals.

A cheap hostel stay was enough to convince me and my friends to stay there for the night and we weren’t disappointed. Unlike the lively nights that one may have in Sevilla, our dinner and bar experience was more of a chill, slow and happy one as the music that was played was relaxing and atmospheric.


This was a particularly mind opening experience as I could, easier than ever before, imagine myself on a map where I was and what direction I was facing. For the first time in my life I knew exactly where I was physically to the exact point, something I’ve never experienced before. Gratitude for this trip does not express what I feel.


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