Top 5 Reasons Semesters Abroad > Summers Abroad

12 Oct

5.   It could be very hot.  This is weak, I know, but there had to be a #5.  The majority of students head to Europe over the summer.  Anyone who’s climbed the Spanish Steps in Rome, or walked across Paris in summer could tell you about one particular cultural difference.  Even 80 degrees is HOT when you’re  walking all day and without common “necessities” such as air conditioning and elevators.  There is a reason why songs were written about Springtime in Paris & Autumn in Rome.

4.   It is just not cost-effective!  Most students do not pay to take summer classes.  If you study abroad over the summer, that’s what you are doing.  Most students do work over the summer.  If you’re studying abroad, you’re not working, at least not as much. 

A semester abroad is simply a change in location. You are still taking a full-load of classes, just like you would on campus.  If you do an exchange program, the tuition cost is exactly the same.  Your summers are left wide open for money-making opportunities.

3.  Too many tourists & inflated prices.  Summer is “high season.”  That means everyone who can, is traveling.  As a result, the price of airfares, hotels, tours, train tickets, etc. go up.  This influx of people creates competition and claustrophobia.  Not only may you have difficulty booking & affording your travels, when you get there the hordes of people are sure to impose upon your experience. 

2.   There is just so much to experience!  Study abroad students have a lot on their plates and lofty goals to reach.  Even if these goals are dumbed down to a simple sight-seeing list it could still take a lifetime to complete.  A big mistake many travelers admit to is trying to bite off more than they can chew.

1.  You guessed it.  It’s just too short!  Sure, for some a few weeks might sound about right.  But, once the program is completed and they’re back on campus, that crowd will be yearning to be back overseas as much as the rest.  We hear it all the time, “Just when we got settled and were starting to consider (enter host city here) our home, it was time to leave.”  I make it a point to ask summer participants if they wish they were still there, or if they’d love to go back.  What answers do you think I’m receiving?


  • Classes with local students – Most summer programs don’t provide as much immersion.
  • Festivals – Oktoberfest, Carnival, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Markets, etc. don’t take place May-August.

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