4 Oct

I expected lots of things when I landed in Spain. I expected a bigger version of what I was used to in Puerto Rico.  I expected certain Spanish dialects; heck, I expected lots of bright colors as well, and for the most part, I was right in many of my expectations.

One expectation and learned misconception I was not ready for was religious civility.

What exactly do I mean by that? It’s a strange thing to wrap my mind around, but for some reason I expected Spain to be a hub for Catholicism. My experiences in the United States have taught me that everywhere you go, people impose religion on you in one way shape or another, whether on street fliers, general everyday conversations, or through the media. So surely, you can see why my thought process led me to believe that those ideas might be imposed on me while in Spain.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While it IS certain that the majority here are Catholics, everyone keeps to themselves. For Sevilla, such a place with deep religious morals, beliefs, and history, I found this not only to be surprising but a very contemporary way of living. When I think about how I’ve seen people with bloody fliers of Jesus demanding you repent, I wonder why that doesn’t happen here in the country that started THE RECONQUISTA and the SPANISH INQUISITION. Or maybe that’s precisely why.  The misfortune due to religion from the past has perhaps given the people a sense of not wanting to repeat its history.

This was all just a side note, but one that I appreciate because no matter what you believe and where you come from, people here respect that and respect you even if they don’t understand it.

For such an old city, it’s morally as progressive as it gets.


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