3 Oct

The amount of excursions we take as part of the CIEE program is absolutely astounding, considering most of them are included in the price. While many of them require a bit of walking and are possible to take on your own,  once can a lot more with the program coordinators.

My first was to Cadiz; not far from Seville (about a 2 hour bus ride). Cadiz hosts some interesting churches and a famous stretch of road that tears through the city. What made it spectacular, however, is it’s location on the southwest of Spain facing the sea, and the fact that it is a long strip of land. Cadiz is the oldest Andalusian city, and it is still used by the Spanish Navy today.

It is not very likely you will get lost in Cadiz; since it is a strip of land jutting out form the rest of Spain, there are only two main directions in which to go to, and the rest of it is laid out in a grid, much like New York City.

The highlights would have to include the Roman theater ruins, the fried fish specialties, and of course, the beaches. While Sevilla is beautiful in every way, the heat is even more palpable when you realize that there is no body of water in sight other than a heavily trafficked river cutting through the outskirts. Walking through Cadiz, the fresh breezes made the morning sun a welcome guest rather than something to hide from.

As we got back into the bus, exhausted, most of us realized that there was so much more to Andalusia that we had yet to see. Many of these trips only cover the surface of everything that is the south of Spain, and a part of me twinged with happiness knowing that I had only begun to fully know everything around me.

The first of many trips was amazing, and there are still so many to come.  I can’t wait.


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