The Moment

20 Sep

Everyone has it.  Sometimes it comes quickly, as soon as you step off the plane for a chosen few. Other times it happens late, weeks after the initial orientation. For others it can be unexpected, while some choose to truly sit down and force it to sink in.  However, for me, the moment I realized I wasn’t going back home and I was truly studying abroad happened today.

I thought long and hard…vacation time was over. Orientation was over. I had chosen my classes, and the reality sunk in that I wasn’t leisurely spending some days here, I wasn’t just coming with as much money as I can to use in a few days; I was living here. Truly living here for an extended period. I am about to live, eat, and breathe Seville through the most seemingly boring process; routine.

Except it won’t be. The concept of routine can be immediately thought of mundane, a mindless repetition of of events that seem to go slower than the previous ones. The fact is, this is the most efficient and exciting way to really get to know your country. Until I have breakfast the same way I did last week, until I see some of the same people everyday and start to develop friendships, until I see my 30th weekend sunset over the river, I am just a tourist. The gift of travel lies in seeing sights that are new and beautiful to you; the gift of study abroad lies in truly LIVING somewhere fresh, to gain a new perspective, to test your ideals, and to add that experience to your repertoire.

I can sit here right now and tell you about the amazing discotheque I went to this weekend. I can sit here and tell you I went to feed some ducks on a paddle boat at 8 in the morning. I can sit here and tell you most of the common spots and sights that Seville has to offer. With all probability I will, here and there, but there is one thing I’m looking forward to; and that is telling you about my day-to-day experiences.

After today, I kick off my shoes and put on someone else’s. No more advisors to guide me, no more group leaders to show me the ropes; there is nothing but me and my language to hold the reins of my ride.  This is the moment. And it will change everything.


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