La Residencia en Sevilla

15 Sep

It’s been almost two wonderful weeks here in Seville. The food is magnificent, the people are amazing, the sights are both modern and classic… it’s going to be a tough time leaving by the end of the program. After having lived in Puerto Rico for most of my life, I can definitely say that the similarities between both places are impeccable. From the cobblestone streets, to the food, to the lax accents spoken by the people, I feel right at home here. More so is the fact that I opted to live in the residencia rather than at a homestay.

Having grown up with a spanish-speaking family and being slightly more advanced in my language than most others on this programs, the allure of staying with a host diminished with every moment I thought of it. My background is fairly unique.  There are certainly positive and negative experiences to both. 

While I must say the food here at the residencia leaves something to be desired, there i nothing like the sense of freedom you experience. You get to see your own sights, keep things at your own pace, but more importantly, you get to interact with students from all over the country as your roomates and at lunch. It’s a fresh experience for those who don’t want an immersive family scenario. 

Case in point, both of my roommates are vastly different, and yet we all get along so well. Fernando from Argentina and Marc from France are both residents here with me, and I’m learning so much from them already. Together we have already traversed the majority of the city from the roman ruins, to the muslim influenced catholic castles, the city is a playground for those interested in history. The balance of time is magnificent here; the newest structure in Sevilla houses roman ruins underneath it, something not only beutiful, but tastefully done.

Until i start taking University Classes, however, I will still feel like a tourist. I can’t wait for them to start and for me to truly start living like a Sevillano.


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