Ahh yes, the pubs!

8 Sep

I have now been in Limerick for a week after spending a few days in Dublin last week. It’s amazing to see how much can transpire after just seven days time!

Classes officially started on Monday and essentially end on December 5th, followed by two weeks of final exams. I must say that I don’t mind the brevity of the semester one bit! I was a bit taken a back at first with how different some of the classes were from those at Purdue. At Purdue, most students are accustomed to continual assessment, taking exams every few weeks and submitting assignments in between. Here it is not uncommon to have 100% of the grade come from the culmination of one final exam. To some, the idea of only being required to show up for the final sounds like a great idea…

After reality and reason set in, the truth of the matter is that a significant amount of pressure rides  on the final exam and hours and hours of self-motivated independent study must ensue prior to walking into your all-essay final exams. Unfortunately, they don’t believe in multiple choice over here.

Now, up to this time, I have been misleading you all into thinking that I would be talking about pubs… I promise you, that was an accident!

For many years, the Irish have been the people that you could find in the pubs, whether it be during a war or on a Sunday. The stigma has been strong and unwavering (perhaps because it is based on truth!).

Being here for the short amount of time that I have, I’m really starting to realize the significance the pubs (or Public House) play in the culture here. Every discussion of relevance seems to come about at the pubs. And I do mean “every”! From politics, to banking, to farming, to family, to school, to sports, all of it happens over a pint… or several. Out of the list, I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the importance of sports. More to come next week!


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