First Impressions

7 Sep

Today I had my first day of language class in Freiburg. One thing we did was write down positives and negatives in Germany, and I thought it would be pretty relevant to write about, since it gave me some insight into how not only I, but also people from other countries see Germany. In my group of three were Jenoa (I think?) from England and Andreas from Norway.  The class has people from Italy, New Zealand, France, South Korea, and Ukraine. It was funny to see that almost every group wrote that they thought the punctuality of Germans was a positive thing, and everybody also thought the public transportation system in Germany was good. Unlike in the US, even relatively small cities like Freiburg have excellent trams or subway systems.

There was some disagreement about other German practices, though. Only about half of us said that nearly stores closing on Sundays was negative. Most of us found that (and the fact that they close around 8PM) inconvenient. Other groups, however, thought that was a positive point because it meant that families had an entire day to spend together, and it was a day of relaxation so that everyday workers wouldn’t be stressed. It will be interesting to see what I learn not only about Germans, but also about students of other nationalities and their perceptions of Germany.


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