Jetlagged but Alive!

6 Sep

Jambo (Hello in Swahili)! =)

I’m finally at the base camp at Moyo Hill in Rhotia, Tanzania! The trip was amazing and rough all in one but how can I complain?! I’m in Africa!!

So far, I’ve learned:

1) I cannot sleep on planes

2) London is very rainy

3) How to sleep on a tile floor in an airport (and like it)

4) I can go about 72 hours on 12 hours of sleep

5) No one is happier than an African child at the sight of an SFS student

6) I suck at Swahili…..for now =)

The views have been breath taking. On our way to camp this morning, my favorite driver, Charles, drove off the road so quickly that I thought I was going to die! With his amazing trained eyes, he spotted giraffes in the distance and allowed time for us to take pictures while the rest of the convoy moved on. He also pointed out camps, government buildings and local tribes along the way. One such village contained one man, his 10 wives and all of his children!

Even though the animals and the landscape has been quite the sight, it’s the people here that have completely caught me off guard. Everyone is so friendly, always willing to talk (even when I don’t understand) or share a smile. The children are the real jewels here. They know how to work hard in the fields or manage the livestock but they are still the happiest people I have ever met. The young ones will run to you with open arms, begging to be picked up or to hold your hand. Specifically, I met a little girl named Katarina. I picked her up and proceeded to tickled her. When I stopped, she startled to tickle me back. Later that day, I passed by again and she ran so fast to get to me, calling out my name, and tickled me right away. It is amazing the joy they find in such a simple embrace with a stranger! If only it were so easy to make the rest of the world so happy.


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