The Duomo

31 May

Thursday, I have 2 classes back to back, starting with modern Italian society and finishing with art history. In Society we talked about how the Italian language spoken by the citizens of Italy today was developed in the 1920’s in an attempt to unite the country, and is a more formalized version of Florentine. In fact there are around 40 different native languages to the Italian peninsula that many people still speak today. This contributes to the fact that people identify with their home city first, and their country second.

Art history was very interesting because we traveled to Fiesole, a city in the hills near Florence. Along with the wonderful views of Florence and the country side and the beautiful homes in Fiesole, we got to see the museum of archeology and the remains of a roman outpost. It was pretty awesome just walking around and thinking that hundreds of years ago there was civilization thriving where I was now walking. After getting back we started cooking for a bunch of people who were coming over to the apartment. With the addition of our new roommate, Luke, I think we had 12 people eating dinner around a 4 person table, some eating with spoons and using mugs as cups because we didn’t have enough utensils for everyone. It was a good time.

Friday morning we finally went inside of the duomo. It was just amazing to see and think how it was even possible to construct a structure so massive more than 600 years ago. As we learned in art history the architect behind the dome was Filippo Brunelleschi and it was the first of its time, making Florence the envy of many other cities. After exploring the ground floor we figured it would be a good idea to climb to the top of the dome. 436 steps later we were on top of dome and witnessing some of the most amazing views that Florence has to offer.

I thought I’d include a picture so you know what I’m talking about. It was just so amazing to see the whole city laid out, with all the monuments and sights that I’ve seen already in Florence from the highest point in Florence.

After climbing back down we took a trip to Pino’s sandwich shop. Pino owns a wine  and a sandwich shop and befriends many students who come to study abroad in Florence. He told us how some students cry about how much they’ll miss his sandwiches when they have to go back to the states and with the sandwich I had, I can see why. We then spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing cards going to dinner at a pizza place which was really good. It’s really hard to differentiate the good food from the other good food, because it’s all so good. We then headed to our newest and most favorite hangout spot on a the Ponte alla Carraia, a bridge west of the Ponte Vecchio.  Bean bags have been placed in between potted trees on the bridge.  It is an excellent place to observe the city at night or look at the stars. Another wonderful day in Florence.


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