Ein Sommer in Europa

9 May

I’ve loved my time abroad so much, I’m not letting it end.  My papers may be finished, my finals may be approaching, but my time abroad got an added two months.  I received an internship here for the summer, so Freiburg and I have a lot more memories to make!  I’ll be working behind the scenes of the IES center where my classes have been all semester. I’ll be helping with the summer program and preparing everything for the Fall semester students.  Even though I’m not leaving, I still have to deal with losing everyone in my program that has become my family this semester.  Many of them are going home to school or work, or continuing on a trip across Europe. One more week and they’re losing Freiburg, but I’m losing them!  Thankfully there are three other students hanging around in Freiburg for the summer for various internships, I’ve made some friends in other international programs, and met some Germans of course. And I couldn’t survive without one of my newest flatmates; maybe you know her–Emeline from France, one of last semesters bloggers! Its amazing having another Purdue student living with me, and having someone else on the other side of the ocean that knows the glory of a Den Pop.

Since I’m not leaving, it’s hard  to me to understand how fast this semester has gone, because I don’t have to think about it in terms of me returning to the US soon.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go back now–sometimes I feel like I’m going to be in Germany forever. There’s so much I miss, and homesickness is definitely becoming a bigger part of my attitude as the days pass.  I miss Chik-fil-a, and the convenience of Walmart, and just the general look and feel of an American city.  But when I chill out and look at the bigger picture: I’m spending a summer in Europe. Not only is this going to be an awesome addition to my resume, but how many people get to do this in their lifetime?? I’ll keep you updated as my European Summer 2011 unfolds.  Maybe now I’ll be forced to actually improve my German…


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