What a whirlwind!

29 Apr

I apologize for my lack of posts in these past couple of weeks but my life has been the busiest its been in a while.  In the past three weeks I have seen how the finest Spanish ham is made, discovered some pretty incredible caves, laid on a couple beaches, started working with 12-13 and 15-16 year olds in the schools to help them learn english, took a little trip with the CIEE program to Morocco (4th continent…no biggie), then when my parents arrived we spent the week reveling in the amazingness of spain in: Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Marbella, Gibraltar, and Jerez.  Next up I have to give two presentations, write a paper, and prepare a lesson plan for this week, have a week off for the Seville Fair in which I’ll be studying most of the time, then finals the following week and home by the following Sunday.  It really is amazing how much I’ve been able to do and how fast it has all gone by!

So as to try not to make this post as long as the others and risk you not reading it or falling asleep halfway through I’m just going to give you a few pointers on what I’ve learned from my travels in the past three weeks. 1. If you are a pork lover you have to try 5J (cinco jota) ham, its pretty expensive but I hear its the best you can get anywhere, 2. When you’re in Morocco you have to barter everything and don’t wimp out otherwise you won’t get good prices or may end up with nothing at all, 3. Camels are fun to ride, but nowhere near as fun as horses, 4. Talking to foreign tour guides (especially attractive ones) can teach you a lot about the culture of the country, 5. day trips to any city in Spain is well worth it, and pretty inexpensive, 6. even if you’re not into art a trip to one of the worlds greatest art museums are well worth it (and that you can get into the prado from 6-8pm free and the Reina Sophia museum from 7-9pm for free), 7. Sometimes the touristy towns that everyone talks about aren’t as great as the non-touristy little towns in the countryside, 8. its always nice to show something off to make your parents go ‘wow’ (especially if its your ability to speak in another language), 9. Sanlucar de Barremeda is the only place in the world that makes Manzanilla (sherry) wine and 10. no matter how much fun you have with taking trips with your friends abroad, sometimes its just nice to spend a week doing that exploring with your family 🙂


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