Come aboard for a trip around the coast of Spain

28 Mar

So last weekend was the end of my string of weekend travels and I have to say that although it was a lot of fun it was also tiring, so I’m glad to be getting to spend a few weekends chilling out/exploring Seville.

While I have heard many people in my program talking about going to Prague or Paris, I was making my way around the coast of the Iberian peninsula.  Instead of getting caught up in what weekend was where I’ll just start from the southwest and make my way northeast.  The first stop on our little journey was in a little beach town called Lagos, Portugal.  Here I was able to see just how beautiful nature can really be.  We took a boat to the very tip of Portugal then walked to the top to see it from another view.  Our next stop was in another small town called Sanlucar de Barremeda, I’m pretty sure that I have written about this one already so we’ll go ahead and continue our way to Cadiz which has miles and miles of beautiful beaches and was once Spain’s main trading port with the Arabic nations.

Malaga is our next stop.  This town was full of life and rich with history.  This trip was our trip to round out our modes of travel in the fact that it was our first train trip.  Here we got to see some of the lesser known works of Picasso, and one of the bars that Antonio Banderas left his mark, because both of these guys were born in Malaga.  By plane we took a leap to the eastern coast of Spain to get a little taste of their Carnaval celebrations as well as partake in learning a lot about Spain’s history before the middle times (Archaeological Museum) as well as learn a little bit of the culture of that area by seeing groups of people playing music and dancing in the streets just because they can.  Our last stop to bring us to where I was last weekend:  Barcelona.  This is definitely a BIG city.  Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain, but it doesn’t feel like a big city like Barcelona does.  Barcelona was hopping with people and filled with breathtaking architecture, definitely a city worth visiting.   Overall I would say that my favorite city would have to be Sanlucar which is why I would highly recommend that if you are studying abroad, go to the smaller cities, they have less people and usually a lot of cool stuff you can’t get in the big metropolitan cities.

The wonderful thing about being in Europe is that you can travel one hour or ten hours and it will feel like you’re in a completely different country (sometimes you are and sometimes you’re not).   The best part about this traveling is that is easy and relatively inexpensive as compared with the states.  Another nice thing is that the hostels here are not the horror stories you hear, there are so many webpages that you can look through to find the best ones with lots of real people giving their honest opinion.  And where else can you say that you’ve tried (almost) every type of transportation?  Planes, trains, metros, bikes, foot, boats, buses and cars?

Don’t worry, this isn’t the last of my travelling stories, I have only made it through a little over half of my stay and I still have Morocco and central Spain to conquer, but while I have loved travelling around I have to say that my heart still belongs to Seville 🙂


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