St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

23 Mar

Well… I finally had my first real St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Where better to celebrate than Dublin, the capital of the Emerald Isle?! My roommates and I started off our day by having a group of our friends come over to our apartment for breakfast.  In between cooking and eating, we all got decked out in our elaborate St. Paddy’s Day gear that we picked up a couple days earlier at the 2 Euro store. This included socks, light-up shamrock headbands and earrings, feather boas, plastic leis, pins, and tattoos. Once we looked acceptably green and patriotic, we headed out on the streets of Dublin to join the parade crowd.

We were hoping to catch some of the parade, but most of us had decided to go to Croke Park to watch the hurling and Gaelic football Club Finals with our program. So we had to meet our RA’s and start walking to the stadium before the parade ever started.  It all worked out because the games were great ‘craic!’ (This is a term used often in Ireland to mean ‘fun’ — ‘What’s the craic?’)

I had never seen a hurling match, and I was surprised by the speed of the game.  The Gaelic football game seemed to get the crowd much more excited though. The only bad part about the games was that the stadium seemed to create a sort of wind tunnel causing all of us to freeze in the stands.  But that’s Irish dedication for you!

After the games, a group of us walked along the river on our way to dinner. It’s amazing how the city completely changed overnight. There were green shamrock decorations outside all of the pubs, and the main streets were filled with carnival rides. The Temple Bar area was a complete madhouse. There were people EVERYWHERE… many of whom were already slightly intoxicated. But we managed to make it to one of our favorite pubs, The Quays, were we had a filling dinner to prepare us for the late night ahead. After dinner, we regrouped and headed to our other favorite pub, O’Neill’s, where we spent the rest of our night socializing in the true Irish manner… with a pint and some good ‘craic.’ It was truly a St. Patrick’s Day I will never forget!


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