My first trip to a Spanish doctor

14 Mar

So, somehow I managed to hurt my foot, so bad that I cannot walk on it.  To be honest, I have no idea how it happened.  It just seemed like one day it was fine and the next day I could barely walk on it.  So after waiting a day or so for it to get better and having to miss a trip to see the castles around Seville I finally figured it was time to get  a professional opinion.

Unfortunately the doctor that is recommended by the program is over the river and through the woods (or just over the river) and a pretty good distance, so I took a cab and ended up at a door that had the sign for the doctor but it looked like an apartment building where you would have to ring to get buzzed in, so I pressed a button and was let into a shady looking ground floor and figured since there were only stairs and an elevator I’d try going up one floor.  By the time I got into the office it looked pretty normal, magazines on a table and a receptionist on the phone with one of  her friends…the usual.  So when I got in to talk to the doctor the hardest part was that she didn’t speak any English.  Although I have been here for about two months and my Spanish has improved greatly, I still wasn’t so good at medical terminology especially things having to do with feet.  After stumbling through that and having her poke around my foot she scribbled down what I was supposed to take and what to do, and somehow I ended up going out of there with two prescriptions, directions to soak my foot twice a day and to avoid walking in the streets as much as possible, and the directions to the radiologist for x-rays.  I also found out that apparently having a broken arm doesn’t stop guys from  piropos.  So as I was hobbling out of the doctors office the guy with the broken arm sitting in the waiting room with his friends started making comments towards me.  In a doctors office?  Interesting….

What I figured would be a short taxi ride to the radiologist ended up being a painful walk to the radiologists office nearby because on all of the streets I needed to take to get there, there were no taxis to be seen.  Once I got there they were really nice and after they found out I was American they tried to speak to me in English, which was a nice gesture but eventually I asked them to speak in Spanish, and surprisingly I understood them soooo much better when they were speaking in their native language as opposed to mine.

So I would love to say that the radiologist  was the end of my adventure, but sadly no.  I figured that since I was already out I would go and pick up my prescriptions.  I ended up having to hobble to three different pharmacies to find one that had the medicine that I needed, not so fun when you can’t walk.  But the interesting thing was that separately the doctor visit and the radiologist visit were about three to four times as expensive as the combined price of the two prescriptions I got.  Kinda backward from what I’m used to.

Overall the good news is that my foot isn’t broken, but the bad news is that I have to stay off it as much as possible so not only did I miss the castle trip I also missed the trip to Cordoba to see the world famous Mosque, and I have to go back to the doctor and the radiologist in 6 days.  The one good thing that came out of this is that since I have to pretty much just stay in my room the entire weekend I can use that time to study for the four midterms I have this week.  Hopefully it’ll be healed by Friday so I can go to Barcelona.


One Response to “My first trip to a Spanish doctor”

  1. Michael March 22, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Often it is the not so pleasant experiences that leave the strongest impressions. It sounds like you are making the best of a bad situation and not letting it stand in your way. Good for you.

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