Los politicos en una perspectiva diferente

9 Mar

When it comes time for lunch and dinner we all crowd around the table that is perfectly situated in the middle of two lazyboy-ish chairs the couch and the television, keeping relatively warm by the heater situated under the table, and watch spanish television.  Because of this I have come to the conclusion that my senora prefers to watch the Simpsons (with spanish voices instead of english), a show called “De Buena Ley (basically a mixture of Judge Judy and Jerry Springer), a funny version of the news called “intermedio” (which has a part where they sum up the news in a minute…impossible to understand), the regular news, and occasionally futbol.

The interesting thing is that by watching a mixture of all of these shows, except the simpsons, and chatting with my senora, her husband, and occasionally her son I have learned a lot about politics within Spain as well as what they think about the recent crisis in Egypt and Libya, as well as politics in the States.  From what I’ve heard not many people are too fond of Zapatero(socialist party)  right now, some say it might just be because of the internal crisis like unemployment or just because there is such a large Populist Party (PP) against him.  Besides the smoking ban that was put into place on January 1st, 2011 (highly controversial) he has also recently put into affect a new law which reduces the speed limit on the highway from 120 km/hr to 110km/hr to try to conserve gas, again, some agree and some think its kinda ridiculous because it is so expensive to replace all the signs even though they are only putting a sticker over the 2.

Outside of Zapatero, the crisis in Libya and Egypt have been broadcast all over the news here.  It could be due to the fact that the news people are talking really really fast in a language that I’m not completely fluent in, or because its so new, but I’ve really only heard the facts and there isn’t much controversy about what is actually going on.  Of course everyone thinks its horrible, and that it was great that the dictator in Egypt stepped down, but they are a little worried about the fact that the military has taken over and that there is so much unrest in Libya.  Something that someone mentioned to me over here that kinda got me thinking was that in the US it would be something that is halfway around the world and kinda affects us but only if our government tries to intervene.  Now I am halfway around the world and it is literally across the Mediterranean from where I’m at so it kinda worries me a bit more.  Also, we are supposed to take a trip to Morocco through the program so our advisors are keeping a close eye on that, hopefully I’ll still get to go!

To avoid putting my political opinions in this I will just tell you briefly what I have heard about their thoughts on Obama and US politics.  Mostly they are in favor of Obama, and as I was talking to a spanish political science major, it is probably due to the fact that right now the Spanish government is very liberal so that is why they are such huge supporters.  I have also heard that they were not fans of the most recent Bush, but I have also heard that the Spanish people tend to oscillate back and forth between which president is in office.

This isn’t really political, but I had my sister mail me measuring cups and measuring spoons so I could make cookies, and when I showed them to my senora she just couldn’t get over them she kept saying “Que gracioso, que precioso” which was interesting because she has had american exchange students for 11 years and she’s never seen a measuring cup?  My plan is to leave them here for her and write up a bunch of american recipes for her.  I ended up finding almost everything I need, except vanilla in liquid form (they only had powdered) and I had to bake them in a microwave…..sounds odd I know, but hey they turned out pretty good and I’ll probably try again soon 🙂


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