A Whole New World

9 Mar

Since coming to Ireland, I have definitely noticed that the news is very different in Europe. People here seem to be much more informed about important events and happenings in the world than they are back in the U.S. It’s pathetic, but sometimes my teachers know more about politics and current events in the States than I do.  Many people just genuinely seem to be very interested in politics here in Ireland though.  It could be because the country has been going through a recession and a huge election while I am here.  In fact, the Irish government will be going through major changes now that the votes are in.  It is definitely a very unique time to be in Ireland.

The best part about being here now is having internships.  Through these we are able to talk to local people about the current events on the country… and trust me… everyone has an opinion! It’s a very small country after all. Two of my classmates are also doing internships with two of the big political parties, so it has been very interesting to hear some of the inner-workings behind such a dramatic election.  One of the parties has come crashing down , losing a large percentage of its seats. The other party has received a major boost in public support, almost doubling its seats. So needless to say, the political world of Ireland has been the focus of many conversations here.  Besides that, though, the people here still seem to be able to keep up with and care about international issues more than we do in the States.  I think the U.S. (and I include myself in this) needs to become more globally aware of the issues in the world. We need to stop being so focused on ourselves. America is certainly not the only place in the world with problems. Being abroad has definitely helped me realize this, and I plan to stay much more informed about Ireland and the rest of the world once I go back home. I don’t want to be hiding from the news like I have in the past. If I ever expect to have a successful career in anthropology or live abroad, I certainly need to brush up my global awareness. Studying abroad has definitely taught me that much!


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