Who Needs Hot Water?!

7 Feb

So for the past month, my roommates and I have been struggling with Ireland’s hot water system.  They have this thing called the immersion.  We have a timer that is set for hot water to be ready at certain times in the morning and the evening, but if we need hot water outside of those times we flip on the boost (or immersion).  It is supposed to take 2 hours to heat up enough hot water for a decent shower.  While a little ridiculous compared to our plethora of hot water available in the States, the system is easy enough to understand… or so we thought. 

Each morning, we would get about 10 minutes of hot water.  Enough for one person to get a hot shower and one to get a lukewarm shower until the water turned ice cold.  So we tried to set the boost for 2 hours to see if we could get hot water for a shower and dishes later in the day… no such luck. After countless chats with our RA and the landlord, we were finally able to have an electrician come in and look at it.  Unfortunately, the landlord and electrician seem to find nothing wrong with water system. So we wait a few more days, and we still only get 10 minutes of hot water in the morning. So we call again.  The landlord brings in another electrician and he replaces the timer, even though we tell him that’s not the problem. Surprise, surprise… no change.

So our program was nice enough to book us into a hotel across the street for the night while their electrician and plumber came to have a look at it themselves.  It only took them 15 minutes to figure out that the bottom water heater had been broken the entire time.  That means the tank wasn’t heating up like it should.  That also means that we weren’t being ignorant American girls when we said we couldn’t get anything but freezing water no matter how long we set the boost!  So the lovely program staff have put us in a hotel room again for the weekend so we can take long, hot showers and sleep in cozy beds while they get the parts delivered and installed in our apartment. So by Monday we should be good to go with hot water aplenty! Fingers crossed! Although I am going to miss this luxurious hotel life where I got to sleep in the biggest, most comfortable bed on the planet… & take hot showers! What a dream!


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