Professors are crazy on every continent

7 Feb

SNOWPACALYPSE 2011.  So I missed history in the making–Purdue actually shut down school, and for two days at that.  How’s the weather in Freiburg?  Well I just walked back from town with a friend, eating gelato, sporting only a sweater… Yep.  Be jealous.  Its nice to be able to walk to class without breaking a hip.

Our first official week of classes in the IES European Union program is over.  The saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ has never reality-slapped me so hard before.  In my management classes last semester, I dreamed of a class where the only thing you were responsible for knowing was the material in the book.  Instead I had classes where we had quizzes, homework, old exams, practice exams, practice problems, lecture slides… all these resources to study for for an exam.  Just reading seemed so simple and wonderful at the time.  Now I have four classes of simply reading, and I think I’m going to boycott my ability to read after this semester.  They love to read so much they even assign tons of papers, just so they can read some more.  I had to write a 5 page reflective essay about our meetings in Berlin and Prague, with a thesis and consistent theme.  Reflection has never hurt so much in my brain.

Its definitely not going to be a semester of coasting, like most would expect from a semester abroad. But I think I’m going to love that about it.  My International Economic Relations in the EU class has a 27 year old Ph.D. candidate as our professor and its his first time teaching in English.  But all the girls in the class don’t mind that we can barely understand him–because they spend half the class totally swooning over him.  My Finance and Banking professor is crazy in the best way possible.  In the middle of lecture, he interrupted himself to ask me the origin of my name.  “It’s Scottish”, I replied and he continued to question whether it was common in the US. I told him no, not at all, to which his response was, “Oh.. thank God.”  Everyone sure got a kick out of that.  This guy is like that genius-nutcase kind of teacher, the kind everyone can’t help but love.  He only teaches in his spare time–his day job is running 5 financial companies.  Talk about real world experience.

I hope you all enjoy the Superbowl today.  It comes on at 12:30 AM here.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we get the American ads overseas. Best part  😦  Next weekend is the group ski trip to the Alps.  Germans totally have this field trip thing down right.


4 Responses to “Professors are crazy on every continent”

  1. Kendra February 7, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    Sounds like your week went well. Have a great time in the Alps!! Love, Mom

  2. GrandPa Jim February 9, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and I miss you..Love Ya Grand Pa Jim

  3. Dad March 20, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    ‘scottish’ ? something I missed?

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