Near or Far there are always differences and similarities

27 Jan

There are many things that I have come across so far that makes living here so different from just visiting here.  When I was in the hotel I thought, ok this won’t be too bad just a few differences.  Boy was I wrong.  Well a lot of things are similar there are just a few small things that we take for granted that when changed seem to make a huge difference.  Two of the major things that they told us before we moved into the homestays was to be careful with the amount of water and electricity we use.  So for example when we use the shower, we’re supposed to only use water we absolutely need.  So basically you use enough to wet your hair and body, turn off the water, put shampoo in your hair, turn on the water to wash it out, turn off the water….etc. And with it being kind of chilly in the morning and evening, that makes for a chilly shower.

When it comes to electricity to save money I guess…?  There are just space heaters.  There is one in my room next to my desk and then another in the bathroom (which kinda helps with the being cold in the shower problem) then at the place I’m staying at, they keep one under the kitchen table and have a large tablecloth so when you sit down for meals its like you have a very warm blanket over your legs.  Another thing that us americans take for granted are the things that we leave plugged in, like our computer or telephones, or lights, whereas here we have to make sure that we remember to turn off the lights (they usually don’t even use them during the day while the sun is out) and to unplug anything that might be using electricity.  Also something that is less than convenient is that at night you have to turn off the space heater, and when it is freezing in your room, and you can’t use a space heater, you really hope that you have a lot of blankets….cause that was your only source of heat.

One interesting thing I found in a store today was that they have Dora the Explorer here.  Kinda redundant to have a kids show that teaches Spanish to Spanish speakers huh?  Well curiosity kicked in and I watched a part of the episode that they were playing at the store.  And instead of teaching kids Spanish, it was teaching them English….how cool is that?


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