Hola de Sevilla!

24 Jan

I cannot express how happy I am with my decision to come to Spain.  Not just Europe but Spain specifically.  I have been abroad before to other western European countries like England and France, so I kind of know what the culture is like, but Spain is very different from any of those.  Some of our guides here have told us the same thing, that Spain is quite different from the rest of Europe and especially from the United States.

One thing that I’d heard about but wasn’t sure if it was true is the nightlife, I don’t just mean drinking, but the entire night starting at about 7 or 8pm.  That is about when the Tapas restaurants open, then around 10pm the Tapas restaurants close up and the restaurants for dinner open.  And before 10pm you hardly see anyone in the Tapas restaurants, maybe a few in a local bar, but for the most part nothing.  Then at about 11pm the bars open and some clubs start to open, but for the most part a lot of clubs open at midnight, and I’ve heard but not experienced that some clubs actually don’t open until 4am.

I just have to brag a little bit to all you who are still back in the Midwest and say that I loved the fact that when I finally got out of the airport it was about 55 or 60 degrees outside and I saw palm trees.  Not only did I see palm trees, but as I was exploring the city I saw a lot of orange trees, something that is actually specific to Sevilla.  And as you can see in the picture they just lined the streets.  You can’t eat them, because they are apparently really bitter and they use them for perfume and cat food, along with other things, but it’s just interesting to see them all over the place filled with oranges, but surprisingly the sidewalks aren’t filled with fallen oranges.  They must have a good cleanup crew.

I am currently in a place where I want to say everything about this place, but at the same time I don’t have anything to say because it seems like something you just have to see for yourself.  So hasta luego for now!


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