The 5 Things I’m Glad I Did (Or Wish I Had) When It Came Time To Leave

15 Dec

First blog of my adventure!  Unfortunately for me, I’m still at Purdue, and its finals week.  Fortunately for you, I’m starting off with helping others learn from my mistakes.  So here are the 5 things I’m glad I did (or wish that I had) before this semester ended.

1.     Class Registration:  Although an advisor must verify everything, and approve your courses for them to be guaranteed to transfer, you can do all of the rest of it yourself.  Check out the courses your program offers on its website, read the syllabi, figure out which ones sounds interesting, and start making a list of 6-8 classes.  Then you can just meet with an advisor to have him/her tell you what will transfer.  Remember,you probably won’t be able to be seen right away by your liaison, so get this done before they get too busy.  Trust me, signing up at the last minute for classes in another country is just as bad as signing up at the last minute for classes at Purdue.  (Learned this the hard way).

2.     Meetings:  Go to alllllll of those meetings the Study Abroad office offers.  You’re only required one, but I attended them all, and I learned a lot of good information from each one.  Even if they are boring, they sure do get you hyped for your trip.

3.     Get a Binder:  One of the greatest ideas I am thankful I had was to get a binder and start keeping all of my study abroad paperwork, guides, packets, etc (etc, etc, etc…) in it.  It is so much easier to just grab the binder and go than filing through the bottom of your backpack or your 300 folders only to discover you have 7 forms you still haven’t turned in.

4.     Start Early:  I saved myself SO MUCH stress this semester by getting the majority of my forms and paperwork done over the summer.  Nothing is worse than realizing your passport is out of date during finals week.  So don’t put it off.  Get it all done so you can focus on keeping the rest of your life on-track.

5.     Plan for Later:  Be sure you have stuff figured out before you leave for when you come back.  You don’t want to come back with no place to live, no job, and Purdue has kicked you out because you forgot to put your attendance on hold.  Go ahead and sign the lease so you’re roommates don’t forget about you, try to interview for a summer position if possible, and DON’T FORGET to let Purdue know you’re coming back!

Sehen Sie in Deutschland!


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